Scammers Target Unemployed


Scams are a nightmare for an unemployed person. Unemployment is itself a troubling factor for financial situation of a person. Getting caught in a spam can make things worse for them. It will put them in credit issues even. Scammers will get in touch with the people in many ways. E mail, phone calls or classified advertisements are the major trends followed by them. There are few major types of scams.

Reshipping Fraud

Mission: to receive a shipment and repackage it and send it to another address may be international.

Risk: in most of the cases, these items found to be stolen goods or either bought with a stolen credit card. They will ask the recipient to send them as gifts. But if you get caught you might even end up in jail.

Payment Processing

Mission: you will receive some money from wire transfer to your account. After deducting a commission fee which will be around 15 percent, you will have to transfer it back to another account which may be an overseas one.

Risk: after you transfer the money to the specified account, the original sender will put a stop payment to the money you are supposed to receive. Finally you will loose money from your own account. Also this money can be used for drug trafficking or eBay scams as well.

Credit Card Scams

Credit card scams are rising day by day. The most frequent scam is transactions with stolen credit cards. The person who stole the card will place an order with that. When the bank comes to know about the card lost, they will take back all the payments done after the point of loosing. If the business is done and products are shipped already the business owner will loose money due to this.

If a new customer calls suddenly and place a big order or asks for immediate shipping be careful with them. Ask for the bank name of the credit card and call the bank and make sure that the card is legal and it is not stolen before going ahead with the business.

Sick Scam Twist:

TTY phone services which are used for deaf people will be used for scams sometimes. They will call through these phone services to eliminate voice recognition and all other fraud eliminating techniques.

Free Money Scams

Mission: lottery win or Nigerian 419 will promise to offer free money to you

Risk: you will be asked to pay an initial fee as an administration or some form of fee. After that you will receive a cheque which will be returned by the bank when you deposit it in the bank. It will take around 10 days for the bank to find out this fraud and return the cheque. You will loose whatever money you have sent them.

Nigerian fraud is around the seen for a long time now. But still people are getting caught because of the sad stories and big money they offer in e mails. That is why it is the user’s responsibility to keep away from all these scams.

Another important thing to do if you come across these scams is to report these scams to the police or some form of authority. It will help to catch the people and stop further developments.