Protecting the Business Against Trojan Horse Software Programs


Trojan horse is a kind of malicious software program that tries to deceive or trick the user to get into a computer and do some unwanted attacks. It is named after the Trojan horses tricked the troy`s residents to get into the Greek warriors city. This software also acts in the same way.

Trojan horse programs cannot be called really as viruses. They are not made to spread in the computer files like common viruses. The user has to activate them to be effective. Most users do this unknowingly.

They will come into the user as some sort of music file, photo, or a game. This will make the users to open it and see. Otherwise users will not open these files which can delete their files, corrupt them or leak out confidential information from the computer.

Trojan horse must be an executable file to create any damage by running a program. But if the extension is shown to the user he will not open it. That is the reason why the developers make sure that they hide the extension and put an audio, image or some other extension.

Trojan horse is a very dangerous program which can cause extensive damage to a computer.

* Overwriting or deleting files and data

* Send details about the activities of the computer back to an unauthorized person (spyware)

* Misuse confidential information such as credit card details or passwords

* Use the computer to send e mails or hack other computers

Main source of spreading Trojan horse program is by e mails. It can be even get downloaded from the internet. Even some viruses use this Trojan horse as an agent to spread the virus. When this happens the Trojan horse is called as “dropper”. Trojan horse attacks can be prevented by following methods as well.

* Do not open any attachments comes in an e mail message without scanning them or verifying the identity of the sender. It might look like from a verified user. But there is a possibility that his computer is hijacked by Trojan horse and it is sending mails to you now. Disable the automatic launching option in the e mail manager.

* Make sure there is an anti virus program installed in your system. It can protect you from most of the Trojan horse programs. It is important to keep the scanner up to date in order to avoid recently launched attacks.

* There are some security holes in the operating system as well which will be exploited by the viruses, worms and Trojan horses. When an attack or hole is detected, the operating system developers will make recovery patch files to eliminate them. It is very important to install all the patch files to be in the safe zone.

* Take care when installing programs which cannot be trusted. Especially if the program is downloaded from internet or it is a shareware program.

Trojan horses cannot damage the computer without the users help. If it comes to the hand of a user like original Trojans in the Greek city it can create lots of damage to the computer.