Protect Yourself from Viruses


There are many types of failures occurring in computers like power surge, hardware failures. Other than these physical occurrences, there are some digital attacks for the computers. They are called virus.

Virus is a program which is made to disrupt the normal condition of a file or application and to fail the intended process. Viruses will spread from file to file. There are different types of attacks like file corruption, application corruption and crash in memory are very common activities. Hey even can affect the hardware of the computer.

Avoiding Viruses

There are many ways that a virus can come into a computer. One of the main sources of virus is incoming e mails. E mail attachments can contain viruses. If the sender is not known, it is better not to open any e mail attachment from them. Some e mail managing programs are set to open any e mail immediately when it is received. Disable them to avoid any risk.

Especially files with .exe extensions can be very harmful. They will run a program when opened and will overwrite some program codes. This can be very nasty.

Other than e mails, the removable drives also can be a real danger. They can transmit all sorts of viruses. Scan all the removable drives after connecting to the computer before opening any file.

Preventive Measures

Best possible way to protect the system against virus is to install an anti virus software. After installing it has to be updated very frequently in order to keep away the latest viruses from entering into the system.

It will scan all the system files, boot files and data files for viruses. If any virus is detected it will try to clean it. If it is not possible the file will be deleted to stop spreading the virus.

Make sure that you run a basic start up test each time the system is restarted. Also remember t scan the whole system once in a while.

Responding to and Recovering from a Virus

No matter how secure you are, sometimes viruses can sneak in. If a virus has attacked the system it will start to behave unusually. That is the best signal to the user. It will become slow and sometimes will give different sounds. The user will feel something unusual. Most probably it will be a spyware.

It can also be a problem in the system hardware or software also. But it is better to check in any case before it spreads too much. If the system is affected by a virus attack, there are some things you can do to repair the infection.

Scan with an anti virus software:

There are many antivirus soft wares available in the market. Some of them are free to get. Anti virus will scan the whole system and will clean the possible viruses. It will even warn the user if any infected file comes to the computer not to open it. Even though all these measures are there, a virus might get through the defenses.

Delete files:

If the infection is so deadly that it cannot be cleaned by an anti virus scanner, then the file has to be deleted. After that it can be replaced again from the original source.

Disk repair:
There is an option in Mac as well as in Windows to repair the boot disk in case of any errors. User can run this utility after restarting the computer.

Format the drive:

If none of the above options works for you, it will be required to re format the drive. After re formatting the original operating system can be installed back again.