Why is Internet Safety Important?


These days web experience is not as same as olden days experience. Olden days the web browsing used to be much safer. Even the malware programs are not used to cost the infected party much money. But now a day’s malware attack can cost you a lot. And also the techniques used by these viruses are very innovative and effective.

There was a time when people used to visit only the well known good sites they normally visit. But with the advances in web technology and increasing number of web sites, users cannot restrict there browsing for few sites. On top of that even the well known sites can be outfitted with malicious scripts which will turn them also into dangerous sites.

Most funny thing is that the techniques used in web development are as same as the ones that hackers use. They use virtual hosting to hide there original location of hosting. This makes tracking them very hard. Automated tools allow the hackers to churn out sites vulnerable to compromise. The latest methods used by hackers are blogs and forums.

Main objective all these spam are to trick the users and empty their pockets. They will do it by stealing credit card details, identity theft or account detail stealing. Even banks are helpless in this situation. Banks also sometimes become a victim of the hackers.

The threat of compromised websites

Web site coding can be done in many languages. Few of them are HTML, Java or CSS or combination of them. When a user request a web site, the browser on the users computer loads a visual manifestation of the original source code. It is not valid only for static content, but also for active contents. Advertisements from third parties in a web site are such an example. Same web design techniques can be used to develop these ads also. But sometimes these links can lead the user to a malicious content of an attacker.

This means that when you visit the internet you will be getting data from not just that web site but from many resources. This third party content used to be doubtful for many users. But now hackers are making sites which completely look like an original one and outfitting them with the malicious features they need.

SQL Injection Attacks

Standard Query Language (SQL) is a scripting language that used for running databases around the world. SQL is used in many web designs to store data n the database as well as generating search results. SQL injection attacks are created by attackers to malformed these SQL queries and return something unintended for a query. It might be programmed to do some damaging action also.

The risk of a SQL injection attack can be reduced in some ways. Reducing the high risk components like hidden frames and external references can really help in the course. They are the most likely things to contain malicious data. When the user clicks on these malicious references, it will bring some third party infecting content to the browser. But the worst part is this danger will not be visible in the browser. It will act as a normal web site.

There was an incident of SQL injection attack in October 2007 which affected millions of web pages. These malware was delivered by a very reputable web site at that time. This incident made the people to think about the policy of visiting only reputable sites. This malware was designed to steal passwords and other details of accounts using backdoors. This gave hackers lot of credit card details and other important details.

These sites will use rootkit technology to hide the identity and that made the users to believe what they are seeing in the browser.

Staying Safe Online

The days have come that you cannot trust any of the web sites any more. There cannot be a reputed web site in the internet. Basic principal is trust no one in internet.

There are few precautions to take for minimizing the risk. Firefox users can use no script add on in there browser. Internet explorer or Opera users have to disable active scripting in the browser.